Chloé Clavel

Professor in Affective Computing



I am Professor in Affective Computing at LTCI, Telecom-Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris (S2A team), where I coordinate the Social Computing topic. After my PhD, I worked in the laboratories of two big French companies that are Thales Research and Technology and EDF R&D where I developed my research around audio and text mining applications. My research work deals with interactions between humans and virtual agents, from user’s socio-emotional behavior analysis to socio-affective interaction strategies with a focus on speech and language processing.

Keywords : Sentiment analysis, Emotion recognition in speech, Human-machine interaction, Embodied Conversational Agents, Socio-affective behavior multimodal modeling.

Website updated in April 2021

Main research contributions :

— Grammars, deep learning and hybrid machine learning approaches for socio-emotional behavior (opinions, social stances, emotions) analysis in interactions

— Collection, annotations and spontaneous speech processing (disfluency detection) of in-the-wild corpora (e.g. call-centers, job interviews, human-robot interactions)

— Reasoning models, sequence mining and seq2seq models for agent’s behavior generation and socio-emotional interaction strategies

The press talking about my research : 

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