Chloé Clavel

Professor in Affective Computing



Invited researcher at LIMSI and Telecom-ParisTech : Marylin Walker, Professor of Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz (July and December 2018)

Ongoing Thesis :

Pierre Colombo  (Telecom-ParisTech- IBM) (November 2018 -) : Natural language generation for socially believable agents – co-supervision with Giovanna Varni and Emmanuel Vignon (IBM)

Emile Chapuis (Telecom-ParisTech) (October 2018 – ) : sentiment analysis in interactions

Tanvi Dinkar (Telecom-ParisTech) (August 2018 – ) : disfluencies in human-agent interaction – in collaboration with Ioana Vasilescu and Catherine Pelachaud

Léo Hemanou (Telecom-ParisTech-LIMSI-Easyrecrue) (October 2017 -) : Automatic analysis of social signals during Job interviews Co-supervision with Jean-Claude Martin and Grégory Wajntrob

Hamid Jalalzai (Telecom-ParisTech-LIG) (October 2017- ) : Weak signals detection for opinion analysis in twitter. Co-supervision with Anne Sabourin and Eric Gaussier (LIG)

Alexandre Garcia (Telecom-ParisTech):  Semi-supervised prediction for opinion detection (september 2016 -) Co-supervision with Florence d’Alché-Buc and Slim Essid.

Post-doc :

Caroline Langlet (Telecom-Paris- ISIR) : Grammars for the verbal analysis of engagement and cohesion in interactions

Asma Atamna (Telecom-Paris) :Deep learning approaches for social computing in human-agent interactions

Defended Thesis :

Valentin Barrière (Telecom-ParisTech): Feature Function Learning for Sentiment Analysis in speech interactions (defended in April  2019). Co-supervision with Slim Essid.

Caroline Langlet (Telecom-ParisTech) : User’s sentiment analysis in human-agent interactions (defended in september 2018 ) Co-supervision with Catherine Pelachaud (Telecom-ParisTech)

Irina Malslowski (Telecom-ParisTech-EDF R&D) : Analysis of customers’ opinions in their interactions with Embodied Conversational Agents for customer relationship management (defended in June 2018). Co-supervision with Delphine Largarde (EDF R&D) and Catherine Pelachaud.

Thomas Janssoone (Telecom-ParisTech-ISIR) : Multimodal analysis and recognition of social signals: application to social stance generation in virtual agents (defended in february 2018 ). Co-supervision with Gaël Richard,  and K. Bailly (ISIR)

Camille Dutrey (EDF R&D) : Adaptation of information extraction methods to speech conversational data (december 2011 – defended in December 2014 ) Co-supervision with : Sophie Rosset (LIMSI-CNRS), Martine Adda (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle), Ioana Vasilescu (LIMSI-CNRS )

Rémi Lavalley (EDF R&D) : Automatic extraction of textual segments for the detection of speaker roles, topics, and polarities (defended in July 2012) Co-supervision with : Marc El-bèze (Université d’Avignon), Patrice Bellot (Université d’Aix Marseille)

Previous post-doc : 

Mohamed Ben-Jannet (Telecom-ParisTech-EDF Lab) : Analysis of user emotional experience during human-human and human-agent interactions (started in November 2017). Co-supervision with Delphine Lagarde

Atef Ben Youssef (Telecom-ParisTech-Softbank robotics) : Multimodal analysis of user’s behavior in human-robot interaction (started in September 2016). Co-supervision with Slim Essid and Angelica Lim (Softbank robotics)

Brian Ravenet (Telecom-ParisTech): Automating the production of communicative gestures in embodied characters (started in February2017). Co-supervision with Catherine Pelachaud

Guillaume Dubuisson-Duplessis (Telecom-ParisTech-ISIR) : Measuring verbal alignment in human-agent interaction. Co-supervision with Frédéric Landragin

Varun Jain (Telecom-ParisTech-ISIR) : Models of intra-synchrony for ECA’s behavior generation : speech and gesture (Oct. 2016-Oct. 2017, Aria-valuspa project). Co-supervision with Catherine Pelachaud

Giovanna Varni (Telecom-ParisTech-ISIR) : Generalized computational models of interpersonal synchrony:  from human-human to human-machine interaction (started in October 2015, Labex Smart). Co-supervision with Mohamed Chetouani

Sabrina Campano (Telecom-Paristech) : Verbal alignment in human-agent interaction (July 2013 – May 2015)